Night Clubs

The night life in Malmö is really fun, especially if you are 18+ !
Every friday and saturday a couple of night clubs are open and offers entertainment from 23-03!
Often these night clubs have an entrance price at 120 SEK or less (sometimes halv price before 00.00 ) and then it costs 20 SEK to hang in coats and bags.
All these night clubs have bars where you can buy drinks, they are mostly very expensive but if you're lucky maybe someone will pay for them for you!



Slagthuset is the place to be at! Slagthuset translated to english means Slaughterhouse which I think explains it all!
This is a really big building but they don't always have all the dancefloors open but at least two are always open. Each saturday they always have some kind of guest on the one dancefloor and on the other one a DJ plays swedish classics all night long!

Location: About 300 meters from Centralen


Hipp is a really cool place to be at! During the day they are a exclusive restaurant but during the night all tables are gone and the place is turned into a night club! They always play some kind of RnB music and sometimes they open their other dancefloor with other music. The difference with Slagthuset and Hipp is that Slagthuset is maybe ten times bigger which makes it more fun!

Location: Near Stortorget/Hansa


Skeppsbron is a really nice night club during the summer! It's right next to a canal and when you want to take a break from all the dancing you can go out and sit in really cozy couches and see the canal! Skeppsbron has only one dancefloor which can make it kind of crowded.

Location: Next to Centralen


Whenever a famous artist is coming to Malmö everyone gets crazy! Malmö people listen to all different kinds of music genres and there's always something for everyone!
The bigger concerts with famous huge artists are nowadays almost always at Malmö Arena.
But smaller concerts can be at other places like night clubs and other arenas.
The good thing with Malmö is that only 20 minutes from here we have Copenhagen which is a capital, so whenever a famous artist is going to perfome there we have the possibility to go there and watch them!

But Malmö people also has the possibility to see different artists during the Malmöfestival and then it's totally costless!

If you are planning to visit Malmö and would like to catch up with some kind of concert I would suggest this website where you can see which concerts are coming up and you can also book tickets there!



The Malmö Festival
Each year Malmö arranges a festival at the end of August which lasts for one week.
During this week you can almost do everything!
Each year a couple of days before the festival you can find the schedule for the whole week both online or in the city which makes all Malmö-people prepared.
During this week many different artists performs, both Swedish but also from abroad, this is a big event in Malmö but even many people from other cities comes to see them.
During Malmö festivalen you can find food stalls wherever you go! During this week they offer different food from different cultures and all the food tastes delicious!
My personal favorite is to eat "Langos" which is a Hungarian dish, it contains of a fried pancake dough/bread which tastes delicious and on it you can choose what you want to have, I always choose sourcream, red onions, cheese and ham, TRY IT!
A other thing that I always buy during Malmö festivalen is candy laces which are in differents colours and flavours!
During this week there are also many markets with things from different countries, you can buy everthing from handmade jewelry to the hottest sunglasses to animal skins.

If you're in Malmö during this period then it's a must for you to visit Malmöfestivalen!

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