The Malmö Festival
Each year Malmö arranges a festival at the end of August which lasts for one week.
During this week you can almost do everything!
Each year a couple of days before the festival you can find the schedule for the whole week both online or in the city which makes all Malmö-people prepared.
During this week many different artists performs, both Swedish but also from abroad, this is a big event in Malmö but even many people from other cities comes to see them.
During Malmö festivalen you can find food stalls wherever you go! During this week they offer different food from different cultures and all the food tastes delicious!
My personal favorite is to eat "Langos" which is a Hungarian dish, it contains of a fried pancake dough/bread which tastes delicious and on it you can choose what you want to have, I always choose sourcream, red onions, cheese and ham, TRY IT!
A other thing that I always buy during Malmö festivalen is candy laces which are in differents colours and flavours!
During this week there are also many markets with things from different countries, you can buy everthing from handmade jewelry to the hottest sunglasses to animal skins.

If you're in Malmö during this period then it's a must for you to visit Malmöfestivalen!


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