Malmö is the third biggest city in Sweden!
Malmö belongs to Skåne County which is in the south part of Sweden and the city is located near the Baltic Sea. This has given Malmö and Copenhagen an opportunity to create a bridge named the Øresundsbridge which connects these two cities.
Malmö has a population of 297 948 inhabitants and has an earth surface of 2,535.76 square kilometers. The city is divided in differents compartments such as Centrum, Fosie, Limhamns/Bunkeflo, Southern downtown, Northern downtown, Hyllie, Rosengård, Husie, Kirseberg and Oxie.

Malmö has many parks, a couple of lakes and a canal that surrounds Malmö. This canal was from the beginning a part of the citys defence. There are a several bridges that makes it possible to cross this canal.

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