Attractions (some of them)

Turning Torso

Turning Torso is the second highest residential building in Europe!
It was built in year 2005 and is 190,4 meters high and consists of 54 floors.
It is a very famous building because it's built as a turning torso and the architect is an architect from Spain named Santiago Calatrava.
Turning Torso is located in the Western Harbour and to get here you should take the bus number 2, 8 or 3.



The Öresundsbridge (Öresundsbron) is a 15,9 kilometers long bridge that connects Malmö,Sweden with Copenhagen,Denmark
which opened the 1st of July 2000. The bridge consists of a highway and a double track railway. This bridge has given many Swedes and Danes the opportunity to work in the other country, study or even live. Every day it passes 19 400 vehicles and on the railway 29 000 passengers.
To travel over the bridge you can buy a ticket at Skånetrafiken and then you will travel with the train or if you only want to see the Bridge you can see it kind of clear in the Western Harbour but the best view is if you travel to "Luftkastellet". The easiest way to get there is to take a taxi or you can take the bus number 4 or 5 but you will have to go a walk to get there.

Malmö Arena

Malmö Arena is a sports and entertainment venue and got inaugurated the 6th of november year 2008. It's located in the new location "Hyllie vång" where new buildings and other facilities are still getting build. This is probably going to be a new exclusive and popular place, firstly because it's really close to Denmark and because in 2012 a new shopping center will open just a couple of meters from Malmö Arena. This shopping center is named Emporia and will be the biggest shopping center in Scandinavia!
To get to Malmö Arena you can take the bus number 5 or 1 or take the City tunnel.

City tunneln (City tunnel)

The City Tunnel is rail link that goes between Denmark then Malmö then some other cities in Skåne
The whole rail link is 17 kilometers long and the train goes both underground and on ground. City tunneln got inaugurated the 4th of December 2010. This tunnel have made it more comfortable for people that commute to work and those people commuted before with buses, trains that had longer distances and taxis but now City Tunneln is the easiet way!
City tunneln has a couple of stations in Malmö and to travel with it you have to buy a ticket at Skånetrafiken.


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