To live at a hostel is both cheaper and smarter! Malmö offers hostels with single rooms and rooms up to six beds.

Rut & Ragnars
  • Located near Möllevången which is in city.
  • Has 42 rooms that are divided in singlerooms, dubbelrooms and rooms with four beds.
  • You have access to kitchen, a tv-room, wireless internet and a laundry room.
  • One night costs 180 SEK (140 SEK for some kind of student identification).


Malmö Hostel
  • Is located in the southern part of Malmö, located 3,5 kilometers from the Central Station.
  • Has 177 beds and the rooms are divided in single rooms- rooms with six beds.
  • Toilets in all rooms but showers are in the basement also the tv-room is in the basement.
  • This hostel offers breakfast for 60 SEK.
  • You can park your car on a parking lot close to the hostel for 25 SEK.
  • One night costs 365 SEK but it gets cheapier if you are a couple of persons and buy a co-ed room then it only costs 200 SEK.

STF Hostel Malmö City

  • They offers rooms with one bed up to six beds. Some of these rooms has both toilets and showers.
  • You can eat breakfast for 60 SEK.
  • Located in the city (Davidshall).
  • One night in a single rooms costs 330 SEK, one night in a double rooms costs 220 SEK.



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