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What you have to do in Malmö!

Night Clubs

The night life in Malmö is really fun, especially if you are 18+ !
Every friday and saturday a couple of night clubs are open and offers entertainment from 23-03!
Often these night clubs have an entrance price at 120 SEK or less (sometimes halv price before 00.00 ) and then it costs 20 SEK to hang in coats and bags.
All these night clubs have bars where you can buy drinks, they are mostly very expensive but if you're lucky maybe someone will pay for them for you!



Slagthuset is the place to be at! Slagthuset translated to english means Slaughterhouse which I think explains it all!
This is a really big building but they don't always have all the dancefloors open but at least two are always open. Each saturday they always have some kind of guest on the one dancefloor and on the other one a DJ plays swedish classics all night long!

Location: About 300 meters from Centralen


Hipp is a really cool place to be at! During the day they are a exclusive restaurant but during the night all tables are gone and the place is turned into a night club! They always play some kind of RnB music and sometimes they open their other dancefloor with other music. The difference with Slagthuset and Hipp is that Slagthuset is maybe ten times bigger which makes it more fun!

Location: Near Stortorget/Hansa


Skeppsbron is a really nice night club during the summer! It's right next to a canal and when you want to take a break from all the dancing you can go out and sit in really cozy couches and see the canal! Skeppsbron has only one dancefloor which can make it kind of crowded.

Location: Next to Centralen


Whenever a famous artist is coming to Malmö everyone gets crazy! Malmö people listen to all different kinds of music genres and there's always something for everyone!
The bigger concerts with famous huge artists are nowadays almost always at Malmö Arena.
But smaller concerts can be at other places like night clubs and other arenas.
The good thing with Malmö is that only 20 minutes from here we have Copenhagen which is a capital, so whenever a famous artist is going to perfome there we have the possibility to go there and watch them!

But Malmö people also has the possibility to see different artists during the Malmöfestival and then it's totally costless!

If you are planning to visit Malmö and would like to catch up with some kind of concert I would suggest this website where you can see which concerts are coming up and you can also book tickets there!



The Malmö Festival
Each year Malmö arranges a festival at the end of August which lasts for one week.
During this week you can almost do everything!
Each year a couple of days before the festival you can find the schedule for the whole week both online or in the city which makes all Malmö-people prepared.
During this week many different artists performs, both Swedish but also from abroad, this is a big event in Malmö but even many people from other cities comes to see them.
During Malmö festivalen you can find food stalls wherever you go! During this week they offer different food from different cultures and all the food tastes delicious!
My personal favorite is to eat "Langos" which is a Hungarian dish, it contains of a fried pancake dough/bread which tastes delicious and on it you can choose what you want to have, I always choose sourcream, red onions, cheese and ham, TRY IT!
A other thing that I always buy during Malmö festivalen is candy laces which are in differents colours and flavours!
During this week there are also many markets with things from different countries, you can buy everthing from handmade jewelry to the hottest sunglasses to animal skins.

If you're in Malmö during this period then it's a must for you to visit Malmöfestivalen!



In Malmö we have many different sportcenters where you can exercise.
If you want to go jogging you can do it both inside and outside.
In Malmö we have a couple of work out centers, some of them are Friskis&Svettis, Kockums and 24/7.
At all this places you can exercise with machines and other kinds of gears.
If you feel in the mood of jogging outside then I recommend to jog in "Pildammsparken", "Slottsparken" or at the Western Harbour.
At all these places you can often try out for free or one time will cost you between 50-100 SEK.

We also have a huge water palace in Malmö called Aq-va-kul! There you can swim, work out, tan or go to the sauna.
This will cost you about 70 SEK for one time.



Ice is a nice pub located in the city, between Triangeln and Södervärn.
Ice has an 18 year limit so if you are 18 or will become during your visit in Malmö, go there!!
They offer both drinks and food but the best is that during the evening after 22.00 you can sing karaoke!
It's a big hit and almost a tradition to "go to Ice and sing karaoke".
They have an album with all songs ever made so you won't get disappointed!

Their own webpage: Ice

T.G.I Friday's
Thank God It's Friday's!!! This place is both a restaurang during the day and during the evenings it gets more like a pub and a place to hangout at.
They have a big variety of delicious drinks and you also have to try the nachos plate!
T.G.I Friday's in Malmö is located at "Lilla torg" which is a really cozy square in Malmö.

Their own webpage: T.G.I Friday's

Leo Leo

Leo Leo is both a restaurant and a pub! If you'll go and eat there during the day then you have to try their carrot bread, THE best in Malmö.
Not a long time ago Leo Leo also became a pub! They have a big variety of entertainment, sometimes you can sing karaoke, sometimes they invite DJs and etc.
It's a fun place to hang out at and I truly recommend it!
It's located between Triangeln and Södervärn.

Their facebook page: Leo Leo

Coffee/Cake places

Espresso House is like the American Starbucks, when you are in the mood for coffee or cake or other kind of food this is the place to go to!
Espresso House is a large barista company in Sweden and only in Malmö they have about fifteen coffee shops. They offer delicious drinks both cold and varm, food like salads and baguettes and delicious own made cookies.


Espresso House don't have the cheapest prices but they have high quality on all the food they offer, which makes it worth it.



A sandwich named Levain chicken and mozarella!
Scones with butter! And you have to warm the scones in the microwave it will taste 100 times better!
Ceasar salad


Frappino, which is an ice cold drink mixed with crushed ice and vanilla then you can add a flavour, for eg. chocolate, mocca and during summer they offer other flavours.
Ice Chai Latte, is a cold drink mixed with chai powder, milk, cinnamon, cardamom and ice.
Hot Chocolate! Their hot chocolate tastes delicious and with it you get whipped cream and marshmallows.


Mudcake! Their mudcake is insanely delicious!! With it you get whipped cream.
Chocolate crunchy muffin! In the middle there's chocolate cream.
Cheesecake! They have a cheesecake that melts in your mouth!


Pronto is a little coffee shop located at "Lilla Torg" which is in city. It is a really cozy location especielly during the evenings. This place has the best Cheesecake in the whole entire world! On their cheesecake they place different berries, chocolate sauce and shredded white and milk chocolate! They also offer food, they have delicious disches like pasta salads, crepes and varm sandwiches.

Pronto has pretty high prices but they also offer high quality products which makes it worth it.


Wayne's is a nice coffee shop, we have about 4 of them in Malmö. They also offer food, drinks and cakes.Their carrot cake is amazing, the best in town!

Wayne's have standard prices, but I think that these prices don't always measure with the dish I get and sometimes I get disappointed.



Graffiti is an excellent restaurant! Their speciality is baked potatoes with different stuffings. You can choose an already made stuffing but also add whatever you want in it.
They also serve delicious salads and with each salad you get a little baguette and a little baked potatoe. You can choose already made salads like Ceasar salad, tuna salad, chicken salad etc. but you can also only choose "green salad" then add whatever you want.
They also offer different baguettes both varm and cold.
This restaurant is pretty casual and their prices are normal, a regular meal can cost from 45 SEK to 90 SEK. I really like this restaurant because the food is really good and healthy!
There are two Graffiti restaurants in Malmö there's one in city and the other one is in the Western Harbour.

Their own webpage: Graffiti

Tamnack Thai
Tamnack thai is a thai restaurant with really nice food! You can choose between 8 different dishes and they all have different levels of hotness.
You get the food in 1 minute and you will eat it in 10 minutes!
I love Tamnack thai and I have to recommend the dish number 1. which is rice with chicken and pineapple in coconut milk, tastes like heaven!
Their meals only cost 45 SEK and if you choose a drink to then it costs 55 SEK.
Tamnack thai is located at Triangeln.

Pizza Hut

I think everyone recognizes Pizza Hut but the thing I like the most with them is the lunch offer!
First of all I love pizza, and usually I eat pizza at small pizzerias but during lunch hours Pizza Hut has a lunch bufé and each day they offer four different pizzas and a salad bufé for only 79 SEK.
Pizza Hut´s pizzas are delicious, they are always kind of thick and soft and their salad bufé is really nice with everything from salad, beans and pineapple.
This bufé is really worth the money and common, there's no one that don't like pizzas!

Pizza Hut in Malmö is located on Gågatan which is about 300 meters from Triangeln.


In Malmö there is one bus company called Skånetrafiken, their buses travel within Malmö, other cities in Skåne and a couple of other cities in Sweden but also over the bridge to Copenhagen!
All the green buses are buses that travel within Malmö and the yellow buses travel outside Malmö.
Skånetrafiken has a couple of customer centers one of them is at Centralen and the other one behind Triangeln. There you can buy buscards, ask questions and get information.
But Skånetrafiken also has several service agents in Malmö where you only can buy buscards or extend their validity.
They have service agents in almost every "Pressbyrån" in Malmö, Pressbyrån is a store and is located at Södervärn and Gustav Adolfs torg.


For an adult it costs 18 SEK for one way, but then the ticket is valid for one hour.

For a child it cost 11 SEK and the ticket is valid for one hour.

From 1st of June 2011 the buses will not receive cash on the buses so you have to buy a buscard.
My suggestion is to buy a "discount card" which costs at least 200 SEK (you can buy for more money if you want to). This card you can use whenever you want and you even get a discount of 10 % when you use it on the bus.
But for students that have a student identification I would suggest the "leisure card" which you buy for a month ahead and its costs 120 SEK. This card you can use between 17-06 on weekdays but during the whole weekend you can use it whenever you want to.
The difference is that with this card you don't buy a ticket each time you enter the bus instead it works how many times as you want, but have specific hours.

Skånetrafiken's own webpage: Skånetrafiken

Attractions (some of them)

Turning Torso

Turning Torso is the second highest residential building in Europe!
It was built in year 2005 and is 190,4 meters high and consists of 54 floors.
It is a very famous building because it's built as a turning torso and the architect is an architect from Spain named Santiago Calatrava.
Turning Torso is located in the Western Harbour and to get here you should take the bus number 2, 8 or 3.



The Öresundsbridge (Öresundsbron) is a 15,9 kilometers long bridge that connects Malmö,Sweden with Copenhagen,Denmark
which opened the 1st of July 2000. The bridge consists of a highway and a double track railway. This bridge has given many Swedes and Danes the opportunity to work in the other country, study or even live. Every day it passes 19 400 vehicles and on the railway 29 000 passengers.
To travel over the bridge you can buy a ticket at Skånetrafiken and then you will travel with the train or if you only want to see the Bridge you can see it kind of clear in the Western Harbour but the best view is if you travel to "Luftkastellet". The easiest way to get there is to take a taxi or you can take the bus number 4 or 5 but you will have to go a walk to get there.

Malmö Arena

Malmö Arena is a sports and entertainment venue and got inaugurated the 6th of november year 2008. It's located in the new location "Hyllie vång" where new buildings and other facilities are still getting build. This is probably going to be a new exclusive and popular place, firstly because it's really close to Denmark and because in 2012 a new shopping center will open just a couple of meters from Malmö Arena. This shopping center is named Emporia and will be the biggest shopping center in Scandinavia!
To get to Malmö Arena you can take the bus number 5 or 1 or take the City tunnel.

City tunneln (City tunnel)

The City Tunnel is rail link that goes between Denmark then Malmö then some other cities in Skåne
The whole rail link is 17 kilometers long and the train goes both underground and on ground. City tunneln got inaugurated the 4th of December 2010. This tunnel have made it more comfortable for people that commute to work and those people commuted before with buses, trains that had longer distances and taxis but now City Tunneln is the easiet way!
City tunneln has a couple of stations in Malmö and to travel with it you have to buy a ticket at Skånetrafiken.


Entré is one of the newest shopping centers in Malmö and opened in March 2009. It has a huge variety of stores but also a cinema, bowling alley, gym and many different restaurants with food from different countries!


- Has a big variety of stores, other activities and food places

- Really nice athmosphere and interior

- Closes at six during the weekends


- Not the best location and only a couple of buses go there

- Is still so new so during the weeekends it's pretty full there

- Their webpage is only in Swedish and can't be translated to English

Opening hours

Mon-Fri 10-20

Saturday 10-18

Sunday 11-18

Their parking garage has open between 06-24


Fredsgatan 14b 212 12 Malmö

Entrés own webpage: Entré


Triangeln is one of the most popular shopping centers in Malmö and been that for almost 20 years! It has a big variety of different stores and a really nice athmosphere!


- Nice location

- Big variety of stores

- All buses go there and you can also park your car at their big parking lot.


- Not so many food places in the building

- Can be kind of difficult to find everything because of Triangelns construction

- Their webpage is only in Swedish and can't be translated to English

Opening hours

Mon-Fri 10-20

Saturday 10-17

Sunday 11-17

Their parking garage has open between 6-21


Södra Förstadsgatan 41 211 43 MALMÖ

Triangelns own webpage: Triangeln


To live at a hostel is both cheaper and smarter! Malmö offers hostels with single rooms and rooms up to six beds.

Rut & Ragnars
  • Located near Möllevången which is in city.
  • Has 42 rooms that are divided in singlerooms, dubbelrooms and rooms with four beds.
  • You have access to kitchen, a tv-room, wireless internet and a laundry room.
  • One night costs 180 SEK (140 SEK for some kind of student identification).


Malmö Hostel
  • Is located in the southern part of Malmö, located 3,5 kilometers from the Central Station.
  • Has 177 beds and the rooms are divided in single rooms- rooms with six beds.
  • Toilets in all rooms but showers are in the basement also the tv-room is in the basement.
  • This hostel offers breakfast for 60 SEK.
  • You can park your car on a parking lot close to the hostel for 25 SEK.
  • One night costs 365 SEK but it gets cheapier if you are a couple of persons and buy a co-ed room then it only costs 200 SEK.

STF Hostel Malmö City

  • They offers rooms with one bed up to six beds. Some of these rooms has both toilets and showers.
  • You can eat breakfast for 60 SEK.
  • Located in the city (Davidshall).
  • One night in a single rooms costs 330 SEK, one night in a double rooms costs 220 SEK.



In Malmö there is a couple of hotels but if you want to live central I recommend:

These hotels are located really close to city which makes it more comfortable for and even when you arrive in Malmö you can easily find a way to transfer to your hotel.

All these hotels costs at minimum 500 SEK/night for one person which is a quite good price for the location.

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